Past & Future of StocksCafe

What and When

Deciding what stocks and when to buy/sell can be tough. In 2019, StocksCafe aims to provide tools that can better assist you in making those decisions.

Upcoming in 2019

Start of Better User Experience

StocksCafe has always been focused on function over form, which explains the often ugly pages. However, recently I managed to "hire" a UX expert, my wife, to help me with beautifying StocksCafe. You should check out the newly improved login/signup pages and also the introduction page. More UX improvements will be gradually rolled out!

October 2019

Support for London Stock Exchange

StocksCafe now has limited support for London Stock Exchange. Limited because we only have End of Day data. Together with the ability to manually enter dividends, this is sufficient for all portfolio management features.

August 2019

10,000 Registered Users!

Thank you all for supporting StocksCafe and letting StocksCafe be a part of your investment journey!

August 2019

Native Mobile Apps

Finally, StocksCafe has released native mobile apps that are not simply a browser wraparound. Hopefully this will significantly improve StocksCafe's mobile experience.

Jan 2019

Net Worth & Financial Freedom Index

There is now a Dashboard where you can easily track your Net Worth and Financial Freedom Index!

Jan 2019

Beyond Stocks

StocksCafe now provide support for any asset to be tracked in StocksCafe. It is now a comprehensive asset management tool.

December 2018

Singapore Savings Bonds

StocksCafe now supports the popular Singapore Savings Bonds.

November 2018

Stable Infrastructure

StocksCafe has expanded from single server to multiple servers with redundancy. Since then, StocksCafe has been available continuously and is also faster in responding.

September 2018

Fully Support US Stocks

StocksCafe has integrated fundamental data, ability to screen, and more for the US markets.

July 2018

StocksCafe Turns 3

Revenue now exceeds mandatory expenses (however, this is still excluding the cost of Evan's time).

March 2018

Switch to Contribution Mode

Unfortunately, ads revenue are far from being able to support StocksCafe. Thus StocksCafe is switching to a paid platform from 2018 onwards.

January 2018

Expand to US Market

Started support for stock markets in United States as the next catalyst for growth (EOD data at this point).

December 2017

Hong Kong and Malaysia

Completed the integration for both Hong Kong & Malaysia stock markets.

July 2017

Became StocksCafe

Domain name change and infrastructure upgrade.

April 2017

SGXcafe Turns 2

Grown to more than half a million pageviews every month.

March 2017

iOS and Android Apps Released

More than 40% of visitors to SGXcafe were from mobile devices.

July 2016

Expensive Licensing

Sharing publicly also means appropriate licensing is required.

April 2016

SGXcafe Turns One

Grown from just one daily visitor (me) to more than a thousand daily visitors.

March 2016

Birth of SGXcafe

SGXCafe initially started as a personal project to help me make better investment decisions.

March 2015

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